Fees and Rental Information


<Fishing License>

Ice Fishing Fishing License 1 day pass 1100 yen/per person (550 yen/ per child)
Fishing time 6:00〜16:00

<Trout Fishing on Ice>

Access to further areas by snowmobile for fishing white-spotted char, Sakhalin taimen and trout is available. 1 Japanese huchen per person (under 65 cm) is permitted during the winter. Only single barbless hook is permitted for trout fishing season. Please refer to the regulations page for further information.


Parking Car 300 yen/car (To be paid along with fishing license)

<Snowmobile Access>

Snowmobile Access per person  200 yen~ Snowmobile access to fishing stations is available. Please purchase tickets at the information building.


Tackle Set

Ice Smelt fishing set rod, trap, bait, stool, ice fishing net) Come empty handed! Recommended for beginners.

Tackle Set 1 day  600 yen
Fishing Rod 1 day  200 yen
Fishing Rod (weight, trap) 1 day  400 yen