Types of Trout

One and Only Type of Trout Fishing

One can fish all seasons at Lake Shumarinai, but is the best in the spring. Fisherman become at a loss for words when their catch is a trout over a meter in size. Come and enjoy fishing privately with an experienced guide.

Fish carving by Yoshihiko Ando


Sakhalin Taimen

The elusive fish that all anglers aspire for… After the ice melts, in May to June, is the best season for catching the Sakhalin taimen. Throughout the rest of the year, an experienced guide will take you to at the best areas where the fish reside. The Sakhalin taimen, the most desired fish to be caught by many fishermen, and exists only where in the rich forests and rivers. It take 10 years for the taimen to grow up to a meter in size.

Fish carving by Yoshihiko Ando


Cherry Salmon

Cherry Salmon

The cherry salmon is known as a popular fish be seen in Hokkaido. Like the Sakhalin taimen, the beautiful fish can be most likely to appear in the spring.

Fish carving by Yoshihiko Ando


White-Spotted Char

The white-spotted char inhabits only in far eastern countries. Like the cherry salmon, it is one of the most familiar type of fish in Hokkaido. The white-spotted char in Lake Shumarinai is known for its sober green body and can grown up to over 50 cm.

Fish carving by Yoshihiko Ando


Japanese smelt

Lake Shumarinai is known as the coldest place in Japan for ice fishing the Japanese smelt. The smelt at our lake becomes tallow in 2 years and is one of the most delicious type of fish in Hokkaido.