Crispy Wakasagi

One and Only Crispy Wakasagi

Once you taste it you won’t be able to stop eating the new Crispy Wakasagi!  It is Japanese smelt caught from our own Lake Shumarinai, each of which are washed numerous times and baked at high temperature.  After the fish has dried, they are fried to a crisp and flavored with ginger or soy sauce.  Compared to other preserved foods, it take more time and labour to make them crispy.  They are not too sweet or salty and are great for snacks!

Limited Only in the Winter!  All 100% Japanese Smelt from Lake Shumarinai

Crispy Wakasagi is made from Japanese smelt caught only when they are especially plump in the autumn.  In the spring, the smelt spawn, and in the summer, they are too small and not so tasty to eat.  Therefore, Crispy Wakasagi is made only when the fish are fat and delicious to eat.