The Beautiful Seasons

The Beautiful Seasons

The Dynamic Changing of the Seasons

Lake Shumarinai is surrounded by a vast primeval forest, a view so rare even in Hokkaido.  This forest changes its guise with each season from a fresh green in the spring to a deeper colors in the summer.  Later towards the year end,  autumnal oranges and reds turns to a serene winter white.  Each time you visit, you will be able to see a whole different view of Lake Shumarinai.


As the snow melts and the migratory birds head north, Hokkaido becomes full of spring fever.  Corydalises, dogtooth violets and many spring flowers bloom.  The surrounding mountains gradually turn from yellow to a deep green as the days become closer to summer.


Lake Shumarinai becomes overwhelming rich with nature in the summer.  Trees and plants grow with vitality and insects and animals  become active as to rejoice the short summer.


From a soft light yellow to a dark deep red, various trees color the mountains and gives them a whole admirable view around Lake Shumarinai.


Shumarinai originated from the Ainu language, shumari(fox) and nai(swamp).   In the winter, the temperature drops to -30 ℃.  It is possible to witness extraordinary natural phenomena such as sun pillars or diamond dust.