Cutting grass…


Hello everyone!

Due to the bad weather, there were not many campers here last week-end.  Unfortunately, the weather forecast for this weekend is not so good either, but the quiet mood could also be a bit relaxing.  We are hoping more campers will come and visit us soon!

We will be clearing the campgrounds during these days: June 5~9, June 26~30, July 10~14, July 31~August 4, August 28~September 1

Because of  the noise, we will only be using the machinery for 3 hours in the mornings.  Please be aware that times and dates may change due to the weather.


A beautiful day.

Wild flowers blooming in our camp grounds.

Campground 2.  The cries of oriental cuckoos and bush warblers can be heard in the quiet campgrounds.  Please come and enjoy the quiet natural surroundings during the weekdays!

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