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 Thursday, September 29, 2017

Last night at 11 pm, at Lake Shumarinai the temperature dropped below zero for the first time this season.

The only other area in Japan to have recorded below zero temperature was by Mt. Fuji.  Yay, Shumarinai?!

We have only had a few anglers come to the lake with their own boats or have reserved boat rides to fishing areas because it is still the beginning of the season.

It also was freezing cold this morning(^_^;)

If you are headed this way, please dress appropriately for the cold weather.


Here are some photos of fishing at Lake Shumarinai!

⇩In the morning, our staff go out on our boats to check our fishing nets for Japanese smelt.  On this day, there was a huge Sakhalin taimen caught inside the net.

↓It is regulation to release all the taimen caught in the nets.

↓The powerful taimen is difficult to free from the net💧

↓Taimen in the fall are big and heavy from having enough to eat during the summer🐟

The Japanese smelt is baked and packaged as Crispy Wakasgai sold at Lake House Shumarinai(*´˘`*)♡

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