Crispy Wakasagi at Buckwheat Festival this weekend!


This week, The Buckwheat Festival will be held again in Horokanai from September 2nd & 3rd.

↓Please check out the Horokanai website for more information↓

After the Bon Holiday, we have started catching Japanese smelts to produce our very own, Crispy Wakasagi 🐟

↓Our staff fixing the nets.

↓Somedays we catch more than others…

↓Baked and smoked on the same day.

↓Then flavored with soy sauce or ginger.

↓The smelts beautifully packaged.  Please try both flavors!

They are 1000 yen / box of 70 grams.

They are also sold in packs of 60 grams for 850 yen without the special packaging to try at home.

Crispy Wasakagi goes great with beer〜❣️

This weekend, Crispy Wakasagi will be sold at the Buckwheat Festival.  Please give them a try if you have not done so yet(*^^*)

Due to the festival,  Lake House restaurant will be close both days.

We are sorry for the inconvenience(_ _)m

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